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Craig Ward

January 26, 2010

Was browsing through the Début Art website and found the works of Craig Ward.

Craig Ward Poster

Good typography is invisible, Bad typography is everywhere

Ward has a fantastic selection of typographic posters, a great play with words and multiple experimentation of media. Very exciting aesthetics, always different, inspirational.

Check out his work via the links below.



January 25, 2010

A typographical website which sells fonts, made by a range of type designers and presented in a novel way.

Lineto Typewriter Screenshot

Play around with type!

The site allows you to experiment with the type in a simple way.

The navigation bar replicates the finder on PCs/Macs, a clear breakdown of what the website has to offer.

There is a lot of clicking around to do, you might get lost and confused with the many pages, but you can always use the navigation bar to find yourself back to normality.

Worth a visit.