My published article in The Bonefolder!

It’s a proud moment for me, my very first article in an international publication!

The Bonefolder Vol 8 2012 Front Cover Image

This is the last issue of The Bonefolder, a publication specialising only in book arts, as the success and growth of its readership meant it was no longer manageable for the small and dedicated team of editors.

For this, I am honoured to feature in this farewell edition.

I would like to thank Funmi for helping me right up to the submission date!

My article can be found on page 17, happy reading!


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2 Responses to “My published article in The Bonefolder!”

  1. world_spinning_me Says:

    Jeffi Jeffi! Just joined the blogosphere and have found you on wordpress! And I must say this all looks very cool indeed. Lots of love! Autoglass Repair, Autoglass Replace :) x

  2. Chele Says:

    Just found your article in the Bonefolder — wonderful work. I’m inspired! And thanks for the references in the article — some good reading.

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