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disperse 2011

June 15, 2011

So, three years later, my degree in graphic design is coming to an end. We’ve been hard at work since we finished our final projects, managing to create promotional items, generate publicity and produce an (addictive) interactive website.

Currently we are setting up our exhibition, ready for the shows in Bournemouth and at D&AD New Blood.

Promo Poster Image

Laser cut A1 poster

disperse Invites Image

Foil blocked and laser cut invites with hand crafted envelopes

It’s fantastic to see everyone’s work coming together, acting as a reminder to how far we have all come as designers and as individuals.

Taken from the website:

Disperse is a metaphor for our class as a collective. Like the particles of our logo we will fly apart, our various career paths leading in every direction.

There is also a subtle implied metaphor in the way the particles return to create the logo once again just as the strong community created on the course draws many alumni back.

Class of Graphics 2011 Image

We made it!

I wish everyone the best, here’s to a fantastic show and a successful career!

Link to the website and my work:

Pride in Bournemouth – Update

March 7, 2011

This lovely lion design appeared about a week after my first blog about the matter:

Have actually started seeing them around, this one was at the AUCB’s Arts Bar, probably chilling, a bit like those statue guard dogs you find outside of people’s houses. Also found one tucked away at Bournemouth International Centre (BIC) at their temporary ice skate rink, no idea why it was there, it was hidden with the machine used to re-smooth the ice…

Pride in Bournemouth Lion Photo

The kids that I’m a teacher’s assistant for have shared their stories about appearing lions at their primary school.

It’s great that the community are really getting involved, of all ages and backgrounds.

Working an event tomorrow about this project so will be able to see how it is developing.

Fingers crossed they will be as much of a success as other towns.

Additionally they are asking us assisting the evening to wear safari glam clothes…

AUCB’s Chinese New Year Celebrations 2011

February 20, 2011

So here’s why I haven’t been blogging recently:

CNY Big Finale Photo

This was the second year that I organised the Chinese New Year celebrations at the Arts University College at Bournemouth, last year went surprisingly well and the uni had a chance to experience a different culture overtaking the campus. We had lion dancers and chinese food served, as well as local businesses donating decorations to fill the Arts Bar and canteen with colour. Also we were giving out lucky red envelopes and prizes for who could say “Gong Xie Fat Chai” to us!

After the pilot year I wanted to include more culture into the celebrations, I wanted it to be bigger and better!

My whole of January was devoted to the organising of the event trying to sort out the entertainment as well as the extra little activities going around on the day (with my dissertation feeling slightly neglected…).

Lions close up Photo

Red Bracelets Photo

Chinese Calligraphy PhotoSky Lantern's Launch Photo

It was quite an ambitious task: I wanted to have chinese food served again, but this year it took the form of a “buffet” style, and as well as decorating the Uni I wanted to have chinese calligraphers to teach people how to write their chinese zodiac with traditional brush, paper and ink. Also I wished to have chinese teas that people could try for free as well as red bracelets to tie onto people around the campus to protect them from evil spirits. Additionally there was celebratory music being blasted out across the campus and sky lanterns that people could write their hopes and dreams to be released later that evening.

And of course the entertainment which was in the form of a martial arts demonstration and lion dancers!

In comparison to the six volunteers helping last year, I was overwhelmed by the fifty that were required for this event, I am so very grateful to all the people who helped with the various roles on the day to make it special for everyone.

Lions in the Library Photo

Lions around Campus Photo

Martial Arts Demo 2 Photo

Martial Arts Demo 1 Photo

We booked Yi Quin Lion Dance club this year and they were absolutely amazing! They brought colour and vibrancy to every part of the Uni including the library with their energetic movements and cheeky characterisation of the lion couple. We were lucky enough to have three martial arts demonstrations too.

Lion surprises spectator Photo

In the evening we had the sky lanterns launch. Ten lanterns bearing the wishes of the Uni to face typical windy British conditions, what could go wrong…

The ideal of releasing all lanterns simultaneously in a circle formation quickly dissipated, it became an elegant battle of determination and group encouragement to get the lanterns floating to the skies. Most lanterns flew more horizontally than upwards, nevertheless we managed to will on nine lanterns on their paths to heaven, with every lantern urged with anticipation and gusto!

Sky Lantern Wishes PhotoSky Lantern's Launch PhotoSky Lantern in the Sky Photo











Thank you to everyone who helped out, the Student Union and International Office for their support and everyone who participated and was able to share what millions of us celebrate every year.

Photography by Nauman Abdul-Hafeez.


Pride in Bournemouth

January 14, 2011

First blog of the new year, hopefully more to come. Been inspired by a recent talk held at the AUCB so fingers crossed the things I blog will be more current and show elements of what I’m interested in.

Was welcomed today at uni by this peculiar sighting:

Pride in Bournemouth Lion photo

At first it seemed as if the space vacant from the removal of the Christmas tree needed filler, and what random and bizarre choice as a replacement.

It was an instant reminder of those pigs that featured in Bath, the colourful, decorated ones by numerous designers. That or Anthony Gormley’s surveillance statue pieces dotted around London some time ago.

This was a plain, life size-eque lion model, just waiting to be given a personality!

Upon investigation I discovered that this in fact is a new project Bournemouth is holding which is doing a similar thing to Bath and asking locals to give the lion’s life, to which the lions will be placed around Bournemouth town in a ‘trail’.

AUCB has been invited to submit some designs, and as it’s an art university there will definitely be some barmy designs.

Set to be staged throughout the summer 2011 tourists and visitors are definitely in for a treat when they come visit the seaside this year.