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Finger Industries

January 23, 2010

Not quite related to graphic design but this animation advert caught my eye:

The advert promotes glass recycling around Europe. Also borrows from a certain Californian Governor.

The Yorkshire based design company has strengths in illustration and animation and have attracted a large international client base.

Lloyds TSB Waiter illustration

The waiter in Lloyds TSB advert (needs accompanying tune)

They have a detailed, textured illustrative style, thoughtful rendering, and big heads.

Found in June 2009 edition of Creative Review.


Jesse Kuhn

January 17, 2010

Was flicking through Print Magazine (Dec edition) and came across this picture:

Greetings from Mr. Bird Illustration

Friendly greeting from Mr. Brid

Upon information found at, it looks like this American illustrator and graphic designer is quite renown in the illustration circuit.

His personal website has an array of humorous drawings and has dabbled in graphics too.

It is said that Kuhn attempts to grow “one mustache per calender year”.

There is no photographic evidence of his attempts.


Magazine Library

January 12, 2010
Magazine Library Photo

Who need bookshelves...

Tried to read the “About” section for Magazine Library but it was in japanese…then found a translation! (Wasn’t much point in mentioning that hmmm…)

The company likes to exhibit magazines from all around the world, predominantly fashion related but also displays/dangles other design related editorials.

More images like the above can be found here.

I wonder what it would be like if the British Library adopted the same approach?