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London 2012 Olympic Trail

July 2, 2012

An inspiring title sequence by the BBC promoting the upcoming Olympic Games coverage:

Showing that wherever you are in the UK, the Olympics are literally at your doorstep. As the torch continues to tour the nation and the countdown to the games drawing ever closer, you can’t help but be swept away by the pride of Britain. Although many Londoners are yet to be convinced (judging by the complaints of commuters), when the city is transformed into Olympic colours and the torch passes through the London boroughs, I’m sure one can’t help but feel excited about hosting the biggest sporting event in the world.

I’ve been very lucky to be part of the London Ambassadors and Olympic Games Maker, working at the Olympic Stadium helping out with rehearsals. The sheer dedication of the 10,000+ cast and crew to produce the opening ceremony is incredible, to think that this will be the most televised programme in the world is slightly daunting! Again, people may be questioning the themes and plans of director Danny Boyle’s vision for the opening ceremony, but watching this all unfold; trust this man’s instinct. The UK newspapers may have illegally accessed aerial photographs of the stadium rehearsals and props (making incorrect assumptions of what may happen), but there are so many surprises kept under cover, this will truly be a spectacle that makes you proud to be british.


Microsoft’s Future Vision on Productivity Video

January 4, 2012

I can barely work out how to use an iPhone, these people have gone one step further.

It’s like Apple meets the Minority Report in Japan.

This video clip by Microsoft makes us realise just how far technology has come. The fact that such ideals seem almost feasible, merging virtual interfaces with business and personal life for a more efficient lifestyle.

Will there ever be too much of a reliance on technology? What will happen to those who prefers a simple note-pad and pen? Or if the battery life runs out…

To the aspiring creatives, nothing seems unreachable.


Daniel Cox & Sarah Alexander – Embrace Life and Stay A Hero

May 30, 2011

I was recently reminded of this effectively simple advert which tugs at the heartstrings of car drivers.

This advert still has the same emotive impact on me since I saw it in February 2010. Instead of portraying the misery and tragic nature of road accidents it plays on the otherwise suffering relations of the would-be victim.

Written/Directed by Daniel Cox and produced by Sarah Alexander, the advert was commissioned by Sussex Safer Roads Partnership. Intended as a viral campaign, the 1m 29sec clip has notched up an impressive 13+ million viewers where its lack of dialogue meant it can be understood all over the world:

A key element to bringing the global audience into the road safety conversation was to create the film without using dialogue and use visual storytelling techniques combined with a haunting and beautiful score.

Daniel Cox,

Cleverly Cox involves standby watchers to play a role in the safety of loved ones. The scene could have easily had the mother and daughter witness their dad crashing before their eyes creating a harrowing vision for them and the internet audience, but this way shares the responsibility of ’embracing life’ with the family.

The second of the series focuses on Motorbike Safety, again approaching the issue in a similar novel fashion:

Just released on the 26th May 2011, the clip has received 28,000 viewers in the four days it has been on YouTube.

The message isn’t as dramatic as its predecessor but continues the parent/child relationship tactic to encourage safety on roads. Although the communication wasn’t the clearest, Alexander makes a touching connection with childhood fantasies and how daddy is the hero in every son’s eyes.

Only time will tell if “Stay a hero” advert will receive the high accolades and achievements as “Embrace Life”.



February 2, 2010

Worldwide advertising agency Wieden+Kennedy has an inquisitive provoking website which integrates their creative works and their numerous offices well.

Based in Portland, Oregon, they are also situated in London, Tokyo, Amsterdam, Shanghai, New York and Dehli.

Samples of their work found on the below link, and the video clip attached:

A nice little mish mash of the Simpsons and historical artworks, fused with the economic crisis and Coca Cola. A memorable spoof that captures the essence of the Coca Cola company – to appreciate life’s simple pleasures.

Some great pieces of work can be found if you search around the site.


Adland – The Movie

January 31, 2010

A great mish-mash of UK adverts, some are really obvious parodies, others just look bizarre.

Clever, post-modernistic approach.

Done by “Coy!”, where the website features more amazing advert showreel by Sara Cummins.


Finger Industries

January 23, 2010

Not quite related to graphic design but this animation advert caught my eye:

The advert promotes glass recycling around Europe. Also borrows from a certain Californian Governor.

The Yorkshire based design company has strengths in illustration and animation and have attracted a large international client base.

Lloyds TSB Waiter illustration

The waiter in Lloyds TSB advert (needs accompanying tune)

They have a detailed, textured illustrative style, thoughtful rendering, and big heads.

Found in June 2009 edition of Creative Review.



January 19, 2010

I’m not usually a fan of graffiti, it may offer some visual stimulus during a train ride but generally it is badly done without much thought.

Everyone’s heard of Banksy, nobody knows who he is.

Roadsworth is more interesting; he’s actually been arrested because of his public vandalism, he takes a stance on society’s over-consumption of resources, and he has a name – Peter Gibson

His work makes me smile in a way that differs to Banksy, he isn’t crude, and he likes to cycle.

Imagine the commission Banksy might get if he went public, guess recession hasn’t hit him hard yet.



January 16, 2010

– ideas worth spreading

Instead of watching youtube, trying (Technology, Entertainment, Design), you’ll feel much more enriched after it.

Filled with guest speakers specialising in their field, there are video clips and interviews from the most prolific designers:

The ‘I Heart NY’ creator talks humorously about poster ideas and introducing doubt into the graphical mind (especially when using perspective!). Worth a watch.