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Stop the War Coalition

January 14, 2010

This website highlights the controversy surrounding USA’s fight against “terrorism”.

It provides up-to-date articles on the world’s political stance on war, and include stories of witnesses and those affected to showcase how futile war is.

Additionally there are protest dates opposing the war, the most recent one being this Saturday (16th Jan), acting as a remembrance to those who were innocently killed:

Remember Gaza Poster

Promote the Gaza remembrance day on the 16th Jan 2010

Around the site there are graphical propaganda pieces like the one above. (

There is always a battle between pro-war vs anti-war campaign graphics.

  • Which one is more effective?
  • Can we say that as war is still an issue that the anti-war graphic ephemera has not succeeded?
  • Is there a more effective form of conveying the message? Through video or photography perhaps.