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Leandro Erlich: Dalston House

July 5, 2013

Another interactive installment from the Barbican, this time in the streets of Dalston. Building upon the success of the Rain Room and other such inclusive art pieces like the Light Show (Hayward Gallery), Erlich’s use of illusion comes into play yet again as he entices visitors to immerse themselves within an otherwise vacant space in Ashwin Street.

Dalston House Entrance

The vacant lot is given a new lease of life

As you approach the site’s entrance, one can’t help but smile at the surreal environment that lies ahead; the sight of people dangling off a Victorian building. Of course this is all done with a mirror (or reflective film) held at an angle by scaffolding, yet what is remarkable is the delight and bewilderment of the users as they crawl around the contours of the facade.

Dalston House Scaffolding

A network of scaffolding used to stop the two facades from meeting

It's the finer details that make it clever

It’s the finer details that brings it to life

Yes, you do feel a bit like a floundering Spiderman…

Dalston House Ground

What other piece of art would get you rolling around on the floor?

Dalston House Interaction

A pretty realistic illusion

Dalston House is also supported by a host of events which explore the themes of “architectural history, urbanism, and perception”.

Pictures really do not do this experience justice. Open until the 4th August, this free event is definitely not one to miss.

Dalston House Falling

Don’t hang around…*groan*…get here now!

More of Leandro Erlich’s work can be found here.