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Real people – Real environments

January 29, 2010

A great bank of photographs that specialises in capturing “all aspects of social and environmental life in the UK”.

Sample Photography Image

Some of the works the picture library contains


Photographers cover a huge range of events and delicate categories, from learning disabilities, self harm, gun crime and protests to name a few.

A useful resource for designers studying public interaction and their surroundings.


Anna Garforth

January 20, 2010

Researching into further forms of artistic public ‘vandalism’, it looks like some graffiti yobs found a conscience:

Spore photograph

Environmental Graffiti

Garforth isn’t actually a yob, seems like she’s quite the eloquent vandal…

She changes the typography of ‘traditional’ graffiti, adapting moss into poetic verse and creating eco-systems within urban environments.

She describes it as “sustainable graffiti” giving her work green credentials, although “normal graffiti” is sustainable in a different sense.

Something else that looks pretty:

Coca Cola photograph

Gosh how refreshing...

The work of David Neff, found here. Motion captured in an instant. Reminds me of the sneezing swine flu posters…