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Design Factfinder

January 15, 2010

A bit of a different website, suggested by Wayne Hemmingway and created by the Design Council (I think…).

It details statistics gathered from businesses across the country. Surveys questions the various aspects of designs affecting the success of businesses.

Thrive Photo

Business that thrive with design

It’s a pretty hard website to navigate through, and targets “Business Intermediaries”, “Design Businesses”, “Design Educators” and “Students” to use the site.

There are snippets of key information under “Headline Facts”, the majority of them are quite surprising.

Moreover there is a regional report breakdown of design in businesses. In summary, go to Yorkshire & Humberside if you’re a designer as businesses there appreciate it more, and avoid the North East. It’s shocking that it isn’t London despite its thriving design industry. Maybe Chicken Cottage are happy with their shop front?

It might be interesting to investigate why regions have their opinion about the usefulness of design. Or it might not be.