Degree Work Final Project (Narration)

Narration Flag Books Image

Flag Books

Based upon Narration, the set of Flag Books applies Todorov’s Narrative Theory of equilibrium to news stories that not only affects those immediately connected to the incident, but also to its surroundings, i.e. the Ripple Effect.

Narration Flag Books Image

Five unique books yet all link together

Each book narrates an event that has affected the world; metaphors encompass the stories and are conveyed through the book’s properties that match the fragility of the equilibrium and its relation to a stage in the ripple effect. Variables such as different weights, thicknesses, spans, sizes and paper type helped produce a unique outcome for each event, yet all the books tie in together. Mirroring how people learn, the underlying links are revealed once each book is read.

Book 1 – The Ripple Effect Image

Book 1 – The Ripple Effect

Book 1 Image

The smallest book in the series, to signify the single drop that starts the ripple.

Book 2 – All Japan Image

Book 2 – All Japan

Book 2 Image

The title is taken from the cohesive phrase the Japanese use to see them through the tough times ahead.

Book 2 Image

Book 3 – No ifs, no buts… Image

Book 3 – No ifs, no buts…

Book 3 Image

The way the flags divide symbolises the two-sided nature of politics; the strong promises supported by weak foundations.

Book 3 Image

Book 4 Image

Book 4 – Jamahiriyya

Book 4 Image

Featuring metaphorical references to Gaddafi’s system of governance, it is also the heaviest book representing the overbearing nature of his 40 year reign.

Book 5 Image

Book 5 – Recovery Image

Book 5 – Recovery

Book 5 Image

Dealing with the subject of recession, this book links all the previous events together, demonstrating the nature of the ripple effect, how each one’s activity has contributed to the recession and how it has affected people in other countries.

Book 5 Image

Photographs taken by Nauman Abdul-Hafeez.

Below is a stop motion video clip to demonstrate the way each book is read:

An exploration of narration led to this experimental stop motion animation, using scrabble tiles and 300 photos to tell the story of the quick brown fox.

5 Responses to “Degree Work Final Project (Narration)”

  1. Funmi & Adrian Omotade-Tan Says:

    Awesome work, Jeff :)! The amount of detail and hiqh quality you put into this is evident. Well done.

  2. lemons2williams Says:

    These books are amazing! Both the photographs and video have visually explained the intricacies of them brilliantly!
    Well Done!

  3. nauman4u9 Says:

    i dot see the credits aaaahmmmmmmm :P

  4. nauman4u9 Says:

    thanks jefffff you’re star :)))

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