My Work (The things on the side)


My design work isn’t just limited to graphics, it’s more fun to step outside what you practice, to play around with paint, or rice…

Please visit my Degree work and Postgraduate work too.

Jefferson photograph

Jefferson – Chinese Style

Thinker photograph


Garden Creatures photograph

Garden Creatures in watercolour

Layered Environment photograph

Layered Environment pencil sketch and etch

Annie Apple's Family photograph

Annie Apple’s Family

Commission for Commemoration painting

Commission for Commemoration acrylic

Headgear Image

Captain Underpants inspired headwear

Pillow Image

Pocoyo Painted Pillow

Teaching Image

Teaching watercolours and collage to my little brother

Outfit Image

80s theme – Pacman

Olympic Ceremonies Operations Assistant Image

My time working on the Olympics and Paralympics Opening and Closing Ceremonies

London Ambassador

Interviewing Boris Johnson during my time as a London Ambassador

4 Responses to “My Work (The things on the side)”

  1. Susie Says:

    Some lovely creative work, love the brain idea!
    Did you colour the rice grains in photoshop?

    Look forward to seeing more stuff =)

    • The Graphical Researcher Says:

      Thank you =D

      Haha no I didn’t, I dyed the rice grains first, then pain-stakingly placed the individual grains with tweezer in place! There’s a chinese version of this too, it was a lot more complicated to do!

      I will put some new work up soon ^__^

  2. Funmi Omotade-Tan Says:

    Awesome work, Jeff, especially the Layered Environment pencil sketch and etch! Looking forward to seeing more :) xx

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