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Tiny URL

January 22, 2010

A handy website which shortens ridiculously lengthy URLs into something more manageable.

Tiny URL banner

Try it, Rick Roll some people...

Maybe I should have used this for my essays…can disguise wikipedia now.

Example –



January 21, 2010


A great Powerpoint website showcasing this Manchester based advertising agency.

Definitely check out the show reel, fantastic quirkiness and playful graphics.

Have worked for some big companies such as for Playstation, BBC, and D&AD.

PSP Go poster

Your whole world in your hands

Some corny sound effects though…


Anna Garforth

January 20, 2010

Researching into further forms of artistic public ‘vandalism’, it looks like some graffiti yobs found a conscience:

Spore photograph

Environmental Graffiti

Garforth isn’t actually a yob, seems like she’s quite the eloquent vandal…

She changes the typography of ‘traditional’ graffiti, adapting moss into poetic verse and creating eco-systems within urban environments.

She describes it as “sustainable graffiti” giving her work green credentials, although “normal graffiti” is sustainable in a different sense.

Something else that looks pretty:

Coca Cola photograph

Gosh how refreshing...

The work of David Neff, found here. Motion captured in an instant. Reminds me of the sneezing swine flu posters…



January 19, 2010

I’m not usually a fan of graffiti, it may offer some visual stimulus during a train ride but generally it is badly done without much thought.

Everyone’s heard of Banksy, nobody knows who he is.

Roadsworth is more interesting; he’s actually been arrested because of his public vandalism, he takes a stance on society’s over-consumption of resources, and he has a name – Peter Gibson

His work makes me smile in a way that differs to Banksy, he isn’t crude, and he likes to cycle.

Imagine the commission Banksy might get if he went public, guess recession hasn’t hit him hard yet.


The History of Advertising Trust

January 18, 2010

Otherwise known as HAT, this site is a collection of UK advertising dating back to the early 1800s.

It is as if you’ve stepped back in time, or into a museum, or that class trip to the Victorian school to learn about writing on chalkboards:

1920s Vimto Poster

Wasn't the fruitiest word back in the 1920s

It’s just surreal to see how brand identity and graphics has changed dramatically over the years.

It is always informative to look at past ideas to developing fresh concepts. The key design principles that worked hundreds of years ago, would they be as successful in this decade?

A design created 10 years ago sticks out like a proverbial thumb against contemporary designs.

For non-watermarked versions of nostalgic adverts please click the link below.


Jesse Kuhn

January 17, 2010

Was flicking through Print Magazine (Dec edition) and came across this picture:

Greetings from Mr. Bird Illustration

Friendly greeting from Mr. Brid

Upon information found at, it looks like this American illustrator and graphic designer is quite renown in the illustration circuit.

His personal website has an array of humorous drawings and has dabbled in graphics too.

It is said that Kuhn attempts to grow “one mustache per calender year”.

There is no photographic evidence of his attempts.


Design Factfinder

January 15, 2010

A bit of a different website, suggested by Wayne Hemmingway and created by the Design Council (I think…).

It details statistics gathered from businesses across the country. Surveys questions the various aspects of designs affecting the success of businesses.

Thrive Photo

Business that thrive with design

It’s a pretty hard website to navigate through, and targets “Business Intermediaries”, “Design Businesses”, “Design Educators” and “Students” to use the site.

There are snippets of key information under “Headline Facts”, the majority of them are quite surprising.

Moreover there is a regional report breakdown of design in businesses. In summary, go to Yorkshire & Humberside if you’re a designer as businesses there appreciate it more, and avoid the North East. It’s shocking that it isn’t London despite its thriving design industry. Maybe Chicken Cottage are happy with their shop front?

It might be interesting to investigate why regions have their opinion about the usefulness of design. Or it might not be.


Stop the War Coalition

January 14, 2010

This website highlights the controversy surrounding USA’s fight against “terrorism”.

It provides up-to-date articles on the world’s political stance on war, and include stories of witnesses and those affected to showcase how futile war is.

Additionally there are protest dates opposing the war, the most recent one being this Saturday (16th Jan), acting as a remembrance to those who were innocently killed:

Remember Gaza Poster

Promote the Gaza remembrance day on the 16th Jan 2010

Around the site there are graphical propaganda pieces like the one above. (

There is always a battle between pro-war vs anti-war campaign graphics.

  • Which one is more effective?
  • Can we say that as war is still an issue that the anti-war graphic ephemera has not succeeded?
  • Is there a more effective form of conveying the message? Through video or photography perhaps.


Change the Thought

January 13, 2010

– where art and culture collide

An interesting website that has a wealth of inspirational resources ranging from all areas of design.

Not just limited to design either, Change the Thought also includes album reviews (albeit the one dating back in 2008) and “Off the Record” news which creates a nice snippet of world affairs.

Wrk/Ply Logo

The logo for a "conference" in 2009

The “Pop Culture” section is worth a look, it features many quirky articles about the most random things such as Running Fools (set your camera to self-timer, 2 seconds, and see how fast you can run), and James May’s Lego House.

The image above was found here.

Well worth a visit.


Magazine Library

January 12, 2010
Magazine Library Photo

Who need bookshelves...

Tried to read the “About” section for Magazine Library but it was in japanese…then found a translation! (Wasn’t much point in mentioning that hmmm…)

The company likes to exhibit magazines from all around the world, predominantly fashion related but also displays/dangles other design related editorials.

More images like the above can be found here.

I wonder what it would be like if the British Library adopted the same approach?


YCN Online

January 11, 2010

More as a personal reminder to explore this site next year…jobs!

Has “Creative Opportunities” of all levels, something to browse through and lose hair over.

Come Together Illustration

A bird in a hippopotamus' mouth...